Renovation of the Manakamana Temple

Baburam Bhattarai

Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai arrived at Manakamana VDC in his home district on a Nepal Army chopper and took part in four different programmes organised here on Wednesday. He inaugurated newly constructed buildings of a local health post and police post before attending two more programmes organised to declare the VDC open defecation free and renovation of the Manakamana Temple.

Bhattarai spent about three hours in the district before flying back to the Capital with Indian Ambassador to Nepal Jayant Prasad at 2:30 pm. The Indian envoy also arrived in the district for the inauguration of the health post building that was constructed with Rs 7.7m assistance from the Indian Embassy.

Talking to the Post, Prime Minister Bhattarai claimed that he was here as a part of his monthly district visit campaign as there were no such crucial meetings in Kathmandu. "I came here since it does not halt any such discussion and meeting," he defended.

Addressing the functions, Prime Minister Bhattarai claimed that the meeting of three major parties will resolve the contentious issues soon to conclude peace process by April 12.

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